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Private Shopping by Appointment

This complimentary service is a great way to safely shop for your fall wardrobe while working one on one with one of our style consultants in person, via video communication or by telephone.

We will help you and your group choose from a variety of men's and women's clothing and accessories while receiving feedback from our style experts. We can help with a wide range of needs including new outfits for special occasions or everyday wear, vacation packing, gift shopping, or a full wardrobe refresh.

This may be for you if you:
  • are a busy individual that doesn't have time to casually shop for clothing and accessories.
  • have questions about what fit/clothing works best for you.
  • can't make it to our shop during regular shopping hours.
  • would like help putting outfits, looks and styles together.
  • feel like you would benefit from a personalized shopping experience.
  • would like to avoid shopping around other individuals due to Covid-19.

This is a great opportunity to take the stress out of shopping and allow our staff's expertise to guide you through which brands are best for your style and body type.

  • A personal PDG style expert will be assigned to your party during each appointment. They will help you with recommendations and fitting questions. 
  • The shop will be closed to the public during private shopping appointments.
  • Each appointment will last 45 minutes, so that we can spend time on sanitation procedures after each appointment.
  • Groups up to 5 people are allowed at one time (you + 4 other individuals of your choosing). If you would like to bring family members or friends, just let us know in advance so we can prepare.
  • During your visit, all members of your party and all Portland Dry Goods staff will be required to wear masks as per the state ordinance (we have disposable masks available for you).
  • You’ll be asked to sanitize your hands upon arrival at our sanitation station.
  • By keeping your appointment, you affirm that you have no symptoms that could be attributed to COVID-19. (In other words, if you don’t feel well, stay home, and we’ll do a video call or we can reschedule!)
  • Despite the guidelines above, our PDG culture will be in attendance with records playing and great conversation.