Arc'teryx Veilance

Arc’teryx strives for the perfect synergy of design, materials and construction in every product it creates. The relentless and obsessive pursuit of design perfection drives construction techniques to sculpt materials into functional, wearable shapes defined by a functional and aesthetic life expectancy. Superior lightweight structured textiles add warmth, durability, and weather protection to classic forms.

Out of the realization that this high functional intelligence had relevance beyond the extremes of the outdoor environment, Veilance® was borne to bring this spirit of innovation and accumulated wisdom to a new audience. Painstaking obsession, progressive fabrics, and multipurpose technologies are part of the same commitment in the pursuit of absolute performance.

Veilance® is primarily an instrument for negotiating the many complexities of contemporary living. Constantly reassessing the essential requirements that not only protect and shelter, but embolden an individual to thrive in inhospitable urban environments instigates new questions and innovative solutions. Relentless progression is twinned with familiarity, creating a new functional relationship with the wearer and an extension of the individual within it.

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