Which Canada Goose Parka is Right For You?

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Owning a Canada Goose parka if you live anywhere or travel to anywhere remotely cold is a must. Canada Goose painstakingly researches, develops and produces outerwear meant to keep researches in the Arctic warm year round. This means every stitch and every detail has a purpose and is made from the highest quality materials.

The big question becomes, which parka is right for you? Here are three questions you should ask yourself before deciding which Canada Goose parka will keep you warm next:

  1. How cold is it where you live or where you are visiting?
  2. How warm do you want to be?
  3. What fit is right for you?

1. But how cold is it?

Canada Goose provides a TEI, Thermal Experience Index (TEI) to help you find the right Canada Goose jacket for this reason and it is as follows:

canada goose thermal experience index

We tend to sell the majority of our parkas in the Versatile to Enduring range but depending on your environment (or how cold you run) the Lightweight or Extreme options may be a better fit for your lifestyle.

To see the style Canada Goose Parkas we have in stock based on the TEI scale above, click the link.

2. How Warm do you Run?

This is where it starts getting personal and where we start seeing the split in parka styles. Where the TEI above can tell us what temperatures and climates their parkas are appropriate for. I have found for our customers, figuring out what their personal comfort level in the winter is instrumental. If you tend to run cold - slide down the scale towards the right. If you run warm - slide to the left. If you are not sure or haven't thought about it - you will most likely fall around a TEI3 or TEI4. 

Take me for example, I have owned (and cherished) the slim fit Kensington Parka (TEI 3) for the past 4 years. I considered this parka my security blanket for living in the north east and not a day goes by that it wasn't worth the investment. This year, I upgraded to the Expedition Parka (TEI 5) and will concretely say - I will not be cold for a single moment this winter. While it has a more utilitarian style, the added pockets (especially with a 1 year old) aren't a bother and the added insulation is very welcome from someone who runs cold.

3. Which FitStyle for your Lifestyle

Finally we come to the fit of these beautiful parkas. We carry three fit styles at Portland Dry Goods that our customers love: Slim, Regular, and Relaxed. Again, this is a personal style. The slim fit tends to be slimmer around the chest and waist with internal cinches for the women styles and a straight fit for the men's while the relaxed fit provides ample room for sweaters and additional pockets. 

Here is a breakdown of styles we have in stock based on fit:


Womens': Hybridge, Kensington, Lorette

Mens: Langford, Chateau, Lodge Hoody


Womens: Trillium


Womens: Expedition

Mens: Expedition

Wherever your Canada Goose parka purchasing adventure leads you one thing you can rest assured knowing is, you will be warm. So this holiday season, give the gift of warmth -- to a loved one, or to yourself. 


If you still have questions on which parka is right for you, come stop by the shop to try some on or give us a call: 207.699.5575, we'd love to help! 


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