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Private Shopping by Appointments

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There are 3 ways you can book a private appointment with our style experts at Portland Dry Goods

  1. In Person at the Shop: You (or you an up to 4 family members/friends) can book an appointment and come in to the shop. Our style experts will pull garments prior to your arrival, based on your questionnaire, and then work with you with other options from there! Enjoy music and a relaxed atmosphere as the shop is closed to the public for this private appointment.
  2. Virtual Appointment: via Google Hangout or Zoom you can work directly with our style experts as they pull items and show you this seasons collections as well as what would work best for your taste and style.
  3. Book a Telephone Appointment: Our style expert will call you and discuss your needs and then follow up via email with photos and suggestions. 

Sounds interesting? We thought so!


Call the shop at 207.699.5575 to set up your private shopping appointment!

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